Golden Dawn MP: ‘Fyssas’ Murder an Isolated and Unfortunate Event

Yannis LagosThe far-right Golden Dawn MP Yannis Lagos said in his deposition to the Greek prosecutors on Friday that the murder of left-wing rapper Pavlos Fyssas by a Golden Dawn supporter last September “was an isolated and unfortunate event.”

“I would like to mention that I am Golden Dawn’s local leader at the municipality of Piraeus since 2006. During the years 2006-2012 there was no criminal, felonious and illegal activity. Therefore, this specific incident, Fyssas’ murder, was an isolated and unfortunate event that could happen anywhere. Me and the rest of the Golden Dawn leadership had no knowledge of it.” he added.

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos was arrested a few days after Fyssas’ murder, followed soon by his deputy, Christos Pappas, and Lagos. Meanwhile, a high court prosecutor had labelled Golden Dawn a military-style criminal organization. Five more Golden Dawn MPs have joined the three in jail, pending their trial for criminal activities.
(source: capital)


  1. . . . the murder of left-wing rapper Pavlos Fyssas by a Golden Dawn supporter . . ..

    Supporter or infiltrator?

  2. Very interesting point.
    Actually it was revealed live on Kontra TV that GIORGOS ROUPAKIAS USED TO BELONG TO A LEFTIST ANARCHIST GROUP. The corrupt GREEK MEDIA ESTABLISHMENT REACTED FIRST WITH SHOCK and then COMPLETELY BURIED THIS REVELATION. Slowly via social media this inconvenient fact has spread.

    It was also pointed out by Golden Dawn that police took CCTV footage from several locations around the scene of the murder of Leftist Anachist rapper Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P – (such a gentle lad himself judging by his stage name) – except for the CCTV footage at the shop directly in front of the murder scene. In that case police only turned up 7 days after the killing to request CCTV footage, by which time it had been wiped. This was either gross incompetence or deliberately malicious. Given the police collected the CCTV footage from everywhere except the most critical location one must conclude it was deliberate. Draw your conclusions.

  3. Roupakias worked at the canteen at local GD office in Nikaia a suburb next to Keratsini where the murder of Fyssas occurred. (the same office where two Golden Dawn members, 22 year old Manolis Kapelonis, & 27 year old Giorgos Fountoulis were cold bloodedly executed by Leftist terrorists in November 2013). His wife was allegedly working at GD office as cleaner. They were also only recently employed by GD, working there for a few short months. So Roupakias ran a canteen, & his wife was a cleaner. That doesn’t make Roupakias a card carrying member. Golden Dawn offers many financially impoverished Greek citizens opportunities to work at kitchens, as cleaners etc at Golden Dawn offices. This doesn’t mean these people have any political affiliation with Golden Dawn anymore than being a kitchen hand or a cleaner at a New Democracy office. As for the photos of Roupakias wearing shirts with a GD logo, anyone can buy those shirts for €10, as tens of thousands of people already have. The undeniable fact is that Roupakias didnt hold any position with GD. He was a fleeting supporter for perhaps 2 or 3 months and wore GD shirts because GD gave him a job in a kitchen and his wife a job as a cleaner. Trying to pin the blame for Roupakias actions on Golden Dawn MP’s is utterly ridiculous and pure political persecution of Greece’s 3rd most popular political party.

  4. LOL, Roupakias worked at a kitchen at a GD run canteen, & his wife was a cleaner at a local GD office. Nice way to use the word “payroll” in an attempt to make things sound all so sinister. A kitchen hand and a cleaner. That’s what Roupakias and his wife were. They had zero influence on GD policies or decision making.