Google’s Steve Vranakis to Meet With Academic Representatives in Crete

steve vranakis

Steve Vranakis is a 41-year-old Greek-Canadian whose family originates from Chania, Crete. He is the director of Google’s Creative Lab and has undertaken various projects such as Chrome Web Lab, World Wonders Project, Google+ “A life lived and shared”, Chrome’s “Jamal Edwards” and YouTube Space Lab Channel. Together with 8 other Greeks, he has decided to build Greece’s ‘corporate identity’ from scratch.

Even though his name is closely connected with Google’s international success, Vranakis has never forgotten his roots and often visits Greece for vacation but also for various business plans.

According to Greek news portal Cretalive, the World Council of Cretans and the Region of Crete have organized a meeting between representatives of academic research institutions in Crete and Steve Vranakis on Friday, July 25 at the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH), in Heraklion.

The purpose of this meeting is to promote the development of partnerships between Academic and Research Institutions in Crete and enterprises, with exchange of opinions and proposals on issues related to the island’s development prospects.

During the meeting, Vranakis will make a presentation and hold an open discussion with the audience, especially young people and those interested to discuss issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship.