The Strength of Greek Passport


    Not all passports have the same power. The passport of an American citizen entitles him free entrance to 172 countries without a visa. Citizens of Iraq can visit 31 countries while citizens of Afghanistan have more limited options with 28 countries.

    On the map below, the colour of each country represents the “strength” of its passport.  The dark color indicates a strong passport while the orange one, countries whose passport has limited power.


    But how strong is the Greek passport?

    Each Greek citizen can visit 167 countries without a visa. Although Greece is a small country, its passport is ranked fifth among the most powerful in the world.

    The countries with the weakest passports are:

    1. Afghanistan: It is first in the list, as Afghan citizens can only visit 28 countries without a visa.
    2. Iraq: Iraqis can visit 31 countries.
    3. Somalia and Pakistan: Their citizens can visit 32 countries.
    4. Palestine and Eritrea: These passports give citizens the right to visit 36 countries.
    5. Nepal: Citizens of Nepal can enter 37 countries.
    6. Sudan, Lebanon and Sri Lanka: The Sudanese, Lebanese and Sri Lankan citizens can visit 38 countries.