Democratic Left Party Loses Three MPs

demar partyEarlier today, Democratic Left (DIMAR) party leader Fotis Kouvelis informed the President of the Greek Parliament, Evangelos Meimarakis, of his decision to expel Grigoris Psarianos from the party’s parliamentary group.  DIMAR party spokesman, Andreas Papadopoulos has expressed, in a letter sent to Kouvelis, his desire to leave the party’s Central Committee, a few hours after DIMAR MP Ekaterini Markou announced her intention to leave the party and become independent.

DIMAR issued an announcement stating that “The specific MP (Grigoris Psarianos), with his systematic differentiation and opposition to the initiatives and choices of the party and with his refusal to endorse the proposal for a referendum on the “small PPC”, has come to a full break with the principles of DIMAR’s parliamentary group. DIMAR has exhausted all possibilities regarding his stay in the parliamentary group, despite his obvious contempt for our collective decisions.”

Markou, in a letter sent to Meimarakis on Thursday, announced her intention to leave the party’s parliamentary group and become independent. She made reference to a “deaf dialogue” after the defeat at the European Parliament elections and for a very “unpleasant situation” inside DIMAR while describing the procedures followed by the party as “old-fashioned, self-centered and autistic.”

DIMAR, after a rather disappointing result in the European Parliament elections last month, has been suffering from MP discontent and intra-party fragmentations. Kouvelis issued an announcement handing his resignation. The resignation had not been accepted by the party’s members at the Central Committee proceedings. However, fragmentation is still one of the party’s major issues, losing not only in popularity but also in support by its own members.


  1. Why an how is this “useless old fool” who is out of touch with reality, allowed to continue in Greek politics with near “0′ votes left for his defunct DIMAR party?