Alleged Location of Syrian Chemical Weapons Destruction Revealed


According to the Greek site, the secret location of Cape Ray, the ghost ship on which the Syrian chemicals will be destroyed, is no longer secret.

The alleged location of the ship on which the hydrolysis process to destroy Syrian chemicals is taking place, is about 100 km west of the gulf of Kissamos. The location of Cape Ray was revealed by the accompanying ships that were acting as its cover, the website noted. originally revealed the existence of a stationary tanker, the SN Federica, west of Kissamos, which remained idle for several days. Furthermore, according to German sources, the warship Schleswig-Holstein had been responsible for covering up Cape Ray, in order to avoid its detection. Until today, the signal emitted by Schleswig-Holstein referred to a police boat in northern Germany, which verifies that it was apparently a deceptive signal.

Currently, the tanker of the U.S. Navy, Oiker 195, which yesterday sailed to the point of SN Federica, after it had received some kind of load off of Sicily, seems to be very close to the “true” Schleswig-Holstein ship, which is located south of the SN FEderica and has been in secret communication for receiving supply from Oiler 195.



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