Who is ‘Super Mario’ Gotze? (He Just Handed Germany the 2014 World Cup)

Mario Gotze is Happy next to the World Cup Trophy
Mario Götze looks happy next to the World Cup Trophy

This man has just handed the FIFA World Cup trophy to Germany with one of the most beautiful shots we’ve seen in a World Cup final, when in the 113th minute of the match vs Argentina he gave the lead to his country.

The World at his Feet
At the age of 22, Mario Götze has already won the FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup and the Bundesliga (Germany’s 1st division soccer league) three times. He is also in a relationship with Ann Kathrin Brömmel Vida, one of Germany’s hottest creatures.

Last summer Bayern Munich spent a record breaking $50 million to buy him off Dortmund and today he scored the only goal in the extra time of the FIFA World Cup final with an excellent whip from a tricky angle.

If that’s not setting the bar high for all future superstars, what is?


Making a Difference
A devoted Christian, Mario always raises his hands to the sky when he scores to “thank his creator for his successes.” Same way he did in the final. The Bayern Munich attacking midfielder might not always start the games, as both his club and national team consist of World Class players.

It makes no difference to him though, as every time he steps in the game, he always makes a difference. Same way he did in the final. It won’t be long till any team he plays for will begin with him. After all, his speed, agility, dribble and pace are phenomenal and any coach will want him on his squad. Same way Joakim Low realized he needed him on the pitch in the final.

This is Just the Beginning
Götze has been a rising superstar since his days at Borussia Dortmund, where under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp lead his team to the Bundesliga title but also to the Champions League 2013 final where his current club, Bayern Munich, fairly won the match.

This year, the German giants were eliminated by eventual Champions Real Madrid in the semi-finals but it won’t be long, for sure, till this little young guy puts that trophy in his pocket as well.


  1. What a great world cup. This match up was just too epic. Can’t wait to see what happens next in Qatar. It’s like visiting Rub Maps, it’s just that good!

  2. Keep in mind though, next World Cup is in Moscow in 2018! Qatar’s World cup is in 2022.
    What’s taking place even sooner is the Copa America where all American teams compete against each other and the European Cup where all European teams compete each other. Both will take place in 2016.


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