Ancient Necropolis Revealed in Chios

necropolisArchaeological excavation of the area “Psomi” in the island of Chios, northeastern Greece, revealed parts of an ancient necropolis. The ancient Greek necropolis dates back to the 7th and 6th century BC.

Archaeologists found earthenware containers sealed with stone, most of them undecorated while others bear incised geometric decoration. The bodies were placed on sea pebbles, in a contracted position. The excavation also revealed several unadorned clay Klazomenian sarcophagi and a stone sarcophagus.

Among the most interesting findings is the complete remains of a horse, the first that comes to light in the northeastern Aegean Sea. The horse, which was buried in rest position, was transferred to the Archaeological Museum of Chios.

It is the earliest organized necropolis that has been found until today in Chios and further excavations are expected to provide valuable information on the historic topography of the ancient city.


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