2,500 Public Employees Laid Off for Forged Documents

public sector employeesAfter extensive investigations, Ministry of Administrative Reform officials discovered that a large number of public employees were hired or promoted using forged documents.

The investigation showed that hundreds, if not thousands, of public sector employees had forged their high school diploma grades or even the diploma itself.

According to data from the Greek Ministry of Administrative Reform officials statements there is only one route that can be taken. The employees who have used forged documents in order to get hired or promoted, will be laid off.

In fact, the files investigation showed that at least 2,500 people will be laid off, while the Greek minister of Administrative Reform said that least 2,000 employee layoffs would be included in the 6,500 redundancies that troika has requested.

Furthermore, according to Greek news, investigations also revealed that 316 people had used forged documents to get hired in public sector organizations and services. Eighty OSY employees had used fake official documents, as well as 156 people who work at the municipal police. The majority of these employees had forged their high school diploma.

At the moment, the files of 35,000 contract staff which were updated to permanent staff are being thoroughly investigated, in order to uncover anyone who might have used forged documents.