Tsipras: Brutality in Palestine Must End

syr13The brutality Palestine is experiencing must end, Greek main opposition SYRIZA party leader Alexis Tsipras said on Tuesday during a rally and march to Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece, to protest the Israeli army military campaign in the Gaza Strip.

The event was organised by leftist and Palestinian groups and immigrant communities. “Palestine is in perpetual war — this war must stop at some point; this brutality cannot be tolerated,” Tsipras said.

“When civilians and children are killed at beaches facing the same sea that borders on the European continent, we cannot remain passive, because if this happens on the other side of the Mediterranean today, it can happen on our own side tomorrow. I want to note that the voices of solidarity movements are, for the first time, uniting under a strong movement within Israel,” he added.

A just and peaceful solution will create a viable and democratic Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, as the United Nations resolutions also call for, he said.

The protesters gathered at Syntagma, then marched to the European Commission Representation offices in Greece and the United States Embassy.


  1. Tsipras has now assured the People of Greece that he will NOT accede to the highest office in the country. What a stupid purposeless act in the middle of a conflict to support known terrorist organizations that use innocents as shields. Rather this is a time for measured words and deeds not photo-ops. It suggests he cannot padlock his mouth and is prone to rash acts that could and likely will jeopardize national security. Syrians, Afghanis, Libyans, Egyptians, Somalis, Pakistanis are entering our country and this “statesman” is encouraging them to come and bring their wars with them. Dumb-dumb-dumb

  2. Terrorist organisation? Israel is the biggest terrorist organisation in the world. It is an apartheid state, occupies, brutalises and steals land from the indiginous Palestinians – both Christian and Muslim. If Tsipras is nothing much as a leader, at least he’s on the right side of history for supporting Palestine. Most Greeks do.


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