NCSR Survey Says Prostitution on Rise in Greece

    prostitution-in-Greece1Prostitution in Greece has largely increased due to the economic crisis. A recent survey conducted jointly by the Criminology Department at Panteion University, the National Centre for Social Research (NCSR) and the Greek Ombudsman, found that prostitution has increased by 1,500%.

    Young, unemployed girls are walking down the path of prostitution, while the number of human trafficking victims is constantly increasing. In downtown Athens, many female students roam the streets looking for clients in order to be able to pay for their studies. According to these girls, there are not many clients and as a result, prices have fallen considerably.

    Nowadays, most brothels in Athens charge around 20 or 30 euros, and also operate without licenses.

    Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) which had disappeared, such as syphilis, are now making reappearing. The public castigation of HIV positive women, which occurred two years ago, didn’t have the expected results.

    Even though forced prostitution destroys the democratic face of Europe, it is now widely practiced. Women trafficking is estimated to yield about 80 billion dollars per year in Europe. According to an earlier study by the International Organization for Migration, only 45% of women who are victims of human trafficking manage to escape in the first 12 months of their captivity.


    1. This is the work of our government turning Greeks to prostitution…Shame on our politicians who bankrupt our country stealing it’s wealth enjoying the “Full Monty’s” life while families are suffering the harsh measures imposed on us…

    2. Government cannot tax brothels and probably could not close this loophole through in the next Omnibus Bill as too many MPs are patrons.

    3. The govt can tax anything they want. The only reason they won’t tax this is because the their sources of corrupt money is now under the scrutiny of troika. This means that they now have to create cash only businesses to hide it.

    4. Hi and please guys do not believe what you read. Its all about to make more panic and more to destroy. I lived in Sweden many many years from childrenhood. Come to Thessaloniki 2011. As you know Thessaloniki university is the largest in Balkan. Please belive when i say they are bluffing with this shit. I work all my life with people in Sweden. I can read body language and in what mood people are from distance. They are bluffing believe me. And police authorities must watch this “professor” from where do he get this as also get in to his accounts and see if he gets money from abord. All students do their work or have a good life yet outside nightclubbing. Those on photos is prostitute from other countries like eastblock. Don’t come here now for this shit and touch our children. You will die in prison!!!! Take care and please tell my words to any.