Cyprus University Study on Femicide Crimes

university of cyprusMany children end up living as orphans due to femicide crimes, which are the subject of a study conducted by the University of Cyprus in cooperation with other European Universities.

According to the study, a homicide caused by a man killing his female partner is a devastating crime which can destroy the lives of thousands of infants, children and adolescents who suddenly lose their mother due to a heinous act.

These children have to face the trauma of violence and pain associated with the loss of both parents at the same time, the instability and insecurity about where and with whom they are going to live, as well as huge internal conflicts.

These orphans are at high risk of suffering from chronic post-traumatic stress and depression, or committing suicide, crimes and resorting to substance abuse.

This European study targets the needs of the orphans of femicide, examining and analyzing a wide range of risk and protective factors.

According to the announcement, the program’s objective is to develop guidelines for practitioners and recommendations for European policy makers in order to address the problem.


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