Golden Dawn Member Who Attacked a Police Officer Appointed Advisor to European Parliament Member

Alexandros Lyris Golden Dawn

Alexandros Lyris, a Golden Dawn member who is also part of the political party’s youth front, was rewarded with a job position in the European Parliament in Brussels. Lyris is now the new advisor to Golden Dawn’s MEP Lambros Fountoulis.

Photos and videos from a recent Golden Dawn protest in front of the Court of Appeals in Athens, show Lyris grabbing a police officer in a headlock, although Golden Dawn says that he was defending himself.  The incident that took place on July 4 outside the Court of Appeals in Athens, when Nikos Michaloliakos, Golden Dawn’s leader was taken into custody. After the incident the Golden Dawn member disappeared in the crowd. (Watch the video below)


The 28-year-old first appeared in the Greek political scene during the last national election and then again in the European Parliament elections that took place this May.

Greek authorities are in the process of identifying Lyris through footage of the incident, police sources noted.

MEP Fountoulis, said that his colleague was defending himself and that he is a highly-educated person he fully trusts.


  1. The Riot police are beating up unarmed protestors. The protestors were unarmed, whilst the police had battons, tear gas, riot shields and helmets…versus some Golden Dawn supporters who were pushing back with their hands, and shoving the police in self defense at the police excesses. Ofcourse its no surprise that Golden Dawn supporters are being savagely beaten by police, Greece is after all a police state, a pseudo-democracy, were nearly all the MP’s of Greece’s 3rd most popular political party, “Golden Dawn” are sitting in prison because Greece’s PM Antonis Samaras was worried that so many voters were leaving his party New Democracy, & heading to Golden Dawn. This was admitted on camera by Samaras top aide, Baltakos. The other factor is the pressure put on Samaras by foreign Zionist lobbies, such as the American Jewish Committee, World Jewish Congress, & European Jewish Congress, as well by the Israeli government to arrest, and dismantle the Golden Dawn party.

  2. What happened to our Democracy in Greece when a “legally elected” party of MPs representing Golden Dawn are put in jail without “any proof at all” of their “so-called crimes” found yet by the courts?
    Yet other ND and PASOK MPs definitely found guilty of crimes are free on low bails after robbing Greece of 100s of millions of Euros?? Where is the Justice in Greece?

  3. No it is not true.that the American jewish committee forced the Greek goverment to dismantle the GD. Truly is the majority of decent and democratic Greek people who want GD to disapear from the face of the earth.There are the victims of the Nazi atrocities in Greece. There are those that are ashamed of them and there are the criminal activity of the GD members.Soon we will all witness their criminal activities in the imminent court case.When i see their photographs with the svastica and the face of the beast Hitler as their hero i feel sick.Our police does it’s duty and safe keep us from these criminal thugs.We hope soon they will end in prison for many years to come.

  4. Even if these GD MP’s are jailed on trumped up charges on the orders of Greek PM Antonis Samaras so he can please the foreign Zionist lobbies that he bows, & scrapes before, it will have ZERO impact on Golden Dawn as a political party. Golden Dawn is entrenched as Greece’s 3rd most popular party, with 9.4% of the vote at the May 2014 EU parliamentary elections, scores of elected councillors in Greek municipalities, including 4 in Athens where Golden Dawn took 16.3% of the vote, & lets not forget the 3 Golden Dawn MEP’s who are serving in the EU parliament in Brussels. Golden Dawn is maturing and growing in strength, it is adapting so that it can continue to function normally even if its original leadership is unfairly jailed. So you need to absorb your disappointment in the realisation that jailing Michaloliakos, Pappas, Kasidiaris, Lagos, Matheopoulos, etc won’t effect the existence of Golden Dawn, in fact it might even strengthen it. Ofcourse Michaloliakos, Pappas, Kasidiaris, Lagos, Matheopoulos, etc will remain as symbols, martyrs, the party’s spiritual leaders, who will be freed, when Golden Dawn is elected to govern Greece. In the not to distant future, perhaps before the decade is up, you will realise your worst nightmare when you turn on the TV, open the newspapers, & read the heading, Greek PM Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

  5. If you’ll re-read MSMlies’s post, you’ll see that he used the word ‘pressure’ not the word ‘forced’.

    It is obvious that the regime is acting against the interests of the Greek people and is pleasing Israel and organised Jewish groups by attempting to dismantle Golden Dawn. Thankfully, their tactics have been unsuccessful thus far.

    Golden Dawn’s toughness and perseverance remain a source of inspiration to all true nationalists in the West.

  6. Justice is just around the corner it appears.
    Another dawn is another nail in the corrupted coffin.
    The funny thing is in their desperation to cover themselves up they dont realise its the coffins lid they are using at the same time nailing it shut.
    They just need a little help with the last one.
    The last sound of this affront to democracy will be the hammer striking the last nail down shut.


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