Greek Parliament Passes Bill for AEK Stadium

AEK StadiumA big step towards making AEK FC’s Stadium a reality was made in the Greek Parliament today. The bill regarding the construction of Agia Sofia Stadium passed on July 30

The bill on the construction of the AEK FC stadium was voted by the majority of the Greek Parliament. The popular football club will now be able to issue a building permit and proceed with the construction of its new home.

New Democracy, PASOK, the Democratic Left, the Independent Greeks and Golden Dawn voted on the articles while SYRIZA and KKE had disagreements on specific parts and decided to vote against the articles.

The enactment of the articles means that as of June 30, AEK FC owns 0.25 hectares more land in the area of their old stadium, with the total property reaching 2.91 hectares. This means that the FC will be able to build the stadium that Dimitris Melissanidis, AEK’s owner, his colleagues, and millions of fans have envisioned.



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