Russia Restricts Meat Imports from Greece and Southern Europe


Russia’s food regulating authority said that the country will stop importing livestock and beef from southern Europe because of fears for disease outbreaks.

What is seen by the EU as a response to Western sanctions imposed over Moscow’s Ukraine policy, is expected to hurt Greece that has been exporting goods to Russia.

Russia said after an outbreak of mad cow disease near Cluj in Romania it is temporary restricting imports from the country.

Blaming outbreaks of bluetongue, a viral disease affecting sheep and cattle, the watchdog said it was also introducing temporary restrictions on imports of cattle and other susceptible animals from Bulgaria and some regions of Italy and Greece.

The Itar-Tass news agency reported that Russia will hold talks with Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and Argentina on increasing food imports.


  1. This is because of EU sanctions against Russia which is “payback” to EU & USA.
    What about sanctions against the USA & EU for invading Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Grenada, Mali, Vietnam, Korea, etc.?? There never was any WMDs that Bush claimed were there costing the lives of 100s of 1,000s of civilians and US Soldiers… Where was
    the EU, UN & G-7 then to stop Bush & Cheney’s crimes ??

  2. Not just Southern Europe but also imports from Germany, Poland, Norway, USA and others are being halted for placing sanctions as punishment for their support of Ukrainian separatists. This will only be a temporary condition until enterprising individuals can find a conduit to smuggle produce into Russia through Turkey and other non-EU nations. If there is a Euro to be made (untaxed) there is a way.