Fearing Wasp Attack Greek Soccer Team Warns Fans Not to Attend Game


Platanias Football Club in Chania, Crete, made one of the strangest announcements ever in the history of Greek Soccer League.

The team warned its fans not to attend the friendly match between Platanias FC and Irodotos FC due to the fact that they may be in danger of a wasp attack!

According to the announcement of the Greek football club, there was no admission fee for the game on Friday, August 8, however, fans were asked not to enter the field.

The reason behind their request is that their stadium’s stands in the Perivolia area were full of wasps nests.

“Therefore the team cannot guarantee the safety of the fans,” read the statement.

Furthermore, the team hopes that they will have found a solution to the problem until Sunday, August 10, for the next friendly match against Ergotelis FC.

“Platanias FC in Chania, sadly advises the team fans not to attend the match due to issues concerning their safety, given that it was revealed today during a check of the Municipal Stadium bleachers that there are several wasp nests, which make it dangerous to attend the match,” said the official announcement.


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