First Trucks Forced Back to Greece after Russian Import Embargo


    The first trucks that were transporting Greek peaches and nectarines to Russia, returned back to Greece without being able to unload their goods due to the import embargo imposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on products from Europe, USA, Australia and Canada.

    Putin has banned the import of agricultural products from countries that have imposed economic sanctions against the Russian Federation over the Ukrainian crisis.

    It is estimated that about 3,000 trucks with Greek peaches and nectarines were forced to return to Greece as the products were not accepted by the Russian government.

    The Greek ministries are discussing on how products such as fruits, vegetables and meat will be redirect for consumpion in the Greek market. The products affected by the Russian embargo can be used by hospitals, the army, or Greek hotels some experts have suggested.

    The Deputy Development Minister, Notis Mitarakis noted that the impact on the Greek market by the Russian ban is minor, as the percentage of Greek products exported to Russia stands at 1.5%.

    However, in some sectors, such as fur-related products, the Russians were Greece’s best customers and those markets were dependent on Russia.

    The list of banned products includes meat, charcuterie, seafood, vegetables, fruits and milk. The embargo isn’t affecting baby food, spirits and olive oil.


    1. Greek farmers are paying the price of their government’s treasonous submission to the EU. This would be an excellent issue for Golden Dawn to seize upon.


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