Russian Embargo-hit Farmers to Be Compensated By Greek State

A series of measures to limit the impact of the Russian embargo on fresh Greek agricultural product imports was announced by the Greek Foreign Ministry.

These measures include compensation of producers hit by the embargo, and the activation of a mechanism to redirect the products back to the domestic market and other export destinations.

The ministry said that Greek producers will be fully compensated, if despite the above measures, there are still losses.

Also, it was stressed that the Russian market is a very important export destination for Greek agricultural products, but “the turnover in absolute numbers is limited and can be managed on a national and EU level”.

According to the announcement, “Greece, as a European Union country-member, participates in the formulation and implementation of European collective decisions, taking into account various parameters with the sole aim to protect its national, economic and political interests. Any nervous reactions, which have no reference framework and cannot give answers to simple questions about the impact and the follow-up actions, do not help the international position of the country and the strategic national interests, from the Cyprus issue to the final exit from the economic crisis” read the statement.

Yesterday, 3,000 trucks carrying fresh Greek fruits, mainly peaches, were stuck at the Russian borders waiting to see whether their fruits will be accepted. They finally returned back to Greece without unloading their cargo.

Greek producers’ representatives have decided to join forces with their colleagues from Spain and France so that they can coordinate their actions and demands related to the Russian Embargo.


  1. Why Farmers should be compensate??? They can sell their products to the public in Greece…This is what we call corruption…They have better chance to get their money buy selling them to Greeks all over the country…

  2. Well this twisted convoluted government has taken yet another turn for the worse. The government raises taxes to farmers, they increase transportation cost to deliver produce to the market and now they are subsidizing farmers for sanctions against the market/Russia? Buying votes again eh Antonis?


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