Rethink of Priorities

Cyprus_European_UnionWhen a country decides to abandon the right to govern the nation; the right to control its own currency and interest rates; the right to make its own laws; the right to control its own borders, and when that country puts greater effort on borrowing billions to save a corrupt banking system at the misery of its people; and when it resorts to robbing people’s bank accounts without asking; and when it uses blackmailing tactics and threats of doom and gloom in order to pass ill-conceived laws through parliament; and when it continues its thievery through crippling taxation without any social consciousness; and when that country refuses to listen to peoples’ basic needs but prefers to offer protection to the rich and powerful; and when it’s prepared to make people homeless and sent humble citizens to prisons because the EU/Troika bankers demand so; and when it supports foreign interests and directives more than protecting its own industries; and when that country fails to focus its efforts in education, housing, employment, environment and health services, it is not only depriving a whole generation of its future but the country has no future!

Time to rethink for a better Cyprus…the one today is tainted!


  1. Dear Mr Putin. I am certain that your people troll the media for anything about you so, Sir, why are you doing this to Cyprus and to Hellas when, traditionally, the friendship between your nation and them has been so strong? If ANY country could be asked to mediate some peace between Russia and others it is HELLAS


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