14 Secrets You Need to Discover on the Greek Islands

Sandorini_book_bar1Greece is a country full of surprises and secret delights around every corner. Each Greek island has its own unique beauty, with small picturesque towns, beaches with golden sand and crystal clear waters. Here are some secrets that you will hardly find in travel guides and we hope to help you organize the perfect summer vacation in Greece:

Atlantis Books” is a small bookshop in Santorini, in the town of Oia, filled with asymmetrical shelves, overflowing with collectible books. The owners, a British couple who live on the island, won’t hesitate to share their love and knowledge about books with all their customers.

Furthermore, Theoskepasti church, which was built on the edge of the pitch black rock Skaros, is a site everyone has to visit. The only thing separating the church from the cliff is a small courtyard and people usually get dizzy just by standing there, but the breathtaking view of the volcanic islets is definitely worth it.

At “Kira Thira” jazz bar visitors can enjoy its famous sangria under the sounds of Benny Golson, Dave Brubeck and other jazz masters while examining the walls filled with enigmatic murals.

The Greek island of Amorgos is famous for the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa but few people actually know about the maze of Asphondilitis, an old settlement carved in rocks, where the walls of the houses are the only thing that survived through time.

If you decide to visit the port of Aegiali then don’t forget to visit “Amorgianos“. It is a café that doubles as a tavern and bar, serving hazelnut pies in the morning and psimeni raki, a local specialty drink, in the evening. According to an urban legend, there is no key to this café and that is why it always stays open.

You may have heard of “Super Paradise”, Mykonos’ most famous and legendary gay bar. But did you know about “Jackie O’“? It is a multi-space that hosts a restaurant, bar, pool, jacuzzi and private lounge areas. The owners have done a great job of ensuring that every customer will have a relaxing day on the beach and a fantastic night filled with drinks, dance and the occasional drag show.

Whether you are visiting Mykonos for the first or the hundredth time, you have to pay a visit to the bakery of “Gioras” in Lakka and try the handmade tiropita while not forgetting to relax at the secluded sandy beach of Fragia.

zakynthos filarmonikiZakynthos
Pastelli, sesame seeds with honey and fytoura, a pan fried semolina cake are just some of the local delicacies that a tourist can enjoy when visiting Zakynthos. These desserts are sold almost everywhere on the island, even in small benches outside the St. Dionysios church.

Moreover, if you are lucky, you will be able to hear the municipal band performing. It is the first brass band of the Ionian islands and was founded in 1816.

arkoudilas corfuCorfu
One of Corfu’s secrets is a beach called Arkoudilas, located in the south of the island, near Kavos. It is one of the most secluded beaches of the island and its only drawback is that it is difficult to reach.

The other secret is that from mid-May to mid-June a type of tiny strawberries grow on the island, in the area of Perama. They are full of flavor and gastronomy connoisseurs suggest eating them fresh, with just a few drops of lime.

kythira Fonissa WaterfallKythera
Some say that the best honey in the world is produced in Kythera. Even if they are exaggerating a bit, there is still no doubt that the thyme honey produced in Aroniadika is one of the best in Greece.

Furthermore, the beautiful Fonissa Waterfall in Kythera is an amazing place for children to play and adults to relax. Meanwhile, a bouquet of sempre viva, the yellow flower that has become the island’s trademark, will make a beautiful souvenir to take back home.


  1. and there are so many more amazing places to visit and enjoy in the Hellenic Republic. You could spend a solitary week in every one and still, after many years, find that there is so much more ahead of you. What a wonderful life that would be

  2. A friend said to me last night that Hellas (Greece) was polluted and in strife, and not worth visiting. I replied as follows. My wife and I walked in what are, sadly, slum areas, but in total safety. We walked at night. We walked in streets with no lighting in some remote areas. But we always felt safe, unlike Paris. Our son went on his own and back packed for 3 months and again, no worries at all. Pollution? Not in the seas, the rivers, the country side or in the air but, yes,graffiti in some places and litter dumped here and there. Yet NOT so much as to ruin your view, your nose or your fun. This country is just so amazing, words DO fail me.