EU Will Compensate Greek Peach Farmers

Greek peach farmersThe European Union announced on Monday, August 18, its plans to reimburse European farmers hit by the Russian embargo. Even though the list includes producers of various vegetables and fruits, Greek peach producers were not a part of it.  However, the Ministry of Agricultural Development reassured that the reason for the ommition of peach producers from the announcement is simply because there is a separate announcement for their case.

According to the official EU announcement, the 125 million euros are part of the European Commission’s first measure and they will be used to recall products such as carrots, tomatoes, cabbages, peppers, cauliflowers, cucumbers, gherkins, mushrooms, apples, pears, mixed berries, grapes and kiwis.

EU Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner, Dacian Ciolos, explained that these measures concern all farmers whether they are members of agricultural cooperatives or working alone. “Taking into account the market situation following the Russian restrictions on imports of EU agricultural products, effective today, I am triggering CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) emergency measures which will reduce overall supply of a number of fruit and vegetable products on the European market and when price pressures become too great in the coming months, ” he said.

These measures will be applied retroactively from August 18 and will remain in force until the end of November. Those who will benefit from this support are Russia’s major fruit and vegetables suppliers, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium and Holland.

The consequences of the Russian embargo will be the subject of a special meeting of agriculture ministers scheduled for September 5.


  1. Greeks are like slaves dependent on a EU Master.
    They can start another colonial war at every chance they get.
    Is there anyone alive in the World who has not heard the sounds of bullets and bombs exploding in their country?
    A ten year old told me the United Nations should be placed in the middle of the World and stop anyone starting another war.
    There may be more smart ten year olds around to save us from ourselves.


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