Louis Tsatoumas Wins Silver in Men’s Long Jump in Zurich


Louis Tsatoumas achieved second place, and won the silver medal in the long jump during the European Championship taking place in Zurich.

The Greek champion reached 8.15m in his attempt and came in second behind British Greg Rutherford, who reached 8.29m.

Tsatoumas won his first major senior medal in 2007 at the European Indoor Athletics Championships, where he claimed the silver medal behind an Italian record-breaking Andrew Howe. On June 2nd 2007 in Kalamata, Greece, Tsatoumas jumped 8.66 m, achieving a personal best and a Greek record for the event.

At the 2008 Olympics he had the longest qualifying jump with 8.27 m, but after three consecutive fouls in the final he finished in last place. He was the bronze medallist at both the 2009 Mediterranean Games and 2009 European Team Championships.

He represented Greece at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics, reaching the final round, but finished only eleventh overall.