Chaos in Milos Airport due to Traffic Controller’s Sickness

milos-airport660At the peak of the tourist season, when a record number of tourists have arrived in Greece, an unexpected problem ruined the good image of the Greek island of Milos.

On August 20, the morning flights from the island to Athens and vice-versa were cancelled because the only civil protection officer, who is also the air traffic controller of the airport, suffered low back pain and was transferred to Milos hospital.

According to reports, the airport employee suffered from lumbago and despite his efforts to overcome the pain and continue his shift, it was impossible for him to work and as a result the flights were cancelled.

Chaos broke out in Milos’ airport because there is no one to replace the employee who had to take a leave of absence for a few days. Today’s morning flight was cancelled and there is no information about what will happen next.

At the moment, airport officials are waiting for an air traffic controller to arrive from Athens on the next flight, which will only be able to land if the airport employee can manage to leave the hospital and reach the Control Tower. However, his health problem is quite serious and it is almost impossible for him to go to the airport.

Many tourists were supposed to be on the flight to Athens in order to catch connection flights to their homes abroad. The fact that they have lost their flights will lead to a full compensation, while their dissatisfaction will probably lead to negative comments about Greece.


  1. German Guests of mine were passengers on this flight.
    They stood up 05.30 in the morning for this flight and reached Athens airport …. 21 hours later without
    having any help by the airport stuff or Olympic Air stuff. Even the only cafe
    at this airport closed after the announcement of the flight cancellation and
    the passengers stayed without something to drink or food waiting for
    development of the situation (While this should have been given for free at
    least, I guess). They have been told there would be NO Compensation as the sick
    employee belongs to the Civil Aviation and not to Olympic Air. They lost their
    connection flight from Athens, had expenses for
    the old lost tickets, for the new tickets by boat from Milos, new tickets to Germany, taxi & hotel cost in Athens further to a 36
    lasting additional stay of their planned holidays. During high season and as
    last-minute tickets (one way) they paid double price for the tickets, so
    expenses came up to approx. 1.700 – 2.000 EUR! Other passengers from Canada have been told at Athens Airport
    to pay 10.000 EURO just for the last minute one-way tickets of a family of 3
    persons, just to go back to their homes!!! Who is supposed to pay this? The
    whole handling was without any responsibility from the officials, the stuff of
    the airport or OA and nobody did care for the tourists even showing any human
    sensibility for their situation! IT IS A SHAME!! How we want to develop
    tourism, which is one of the strongest sectors and tools for Greece to
    re-cover during the economic crisis, if this can happen?

    Does anyone think about the efforts
    which all these passengers have to do to communicate with the Greek Officials
    to claim compensation from their home countries? And will they be compensated?
    … The first official answers have been, that there will be NO COMPENSATION
    for the fortune they spent to go back to their home. SHAME,SHAME,