Two 19-Year-Olds Arrested for the Double Homicide in Kardamyli


Two 19-year-old men were arrested earlier today based on a warrant issued by an investigator in Kardamyli, Greece, after their interrogation by Greek Police which concluded their involvement in the murder of Constantinos Sgouros and Yiannis Kommatis.
It is believed that the motive for the crime of the two young men-26-year-old Constantinos Sgouros and 25-year-old Yiannis Kommatis – in Mani, revealed yesterday, was a deal to sell steroids that went wrong. Sources state that they constantly argued over this matter, that involved a downpayment by the buyer that never received the steroids worth 800 euros.
The first murder suspect- aged 19- was arrested shortly after the bodies were found. He admitted that he was at the scene of the crime but claimed that another man, also aged 19, had shot the two victims in the back with a hunting rifle. The two bodies were carried and thrown off a bridge at a gorge. The young man was interrogated until late last night and the weapon used to kill the men was found.It was a rifle that belonged to the mother of one of the assailants. The signal of the two young men’s cell phones gave away the location of the murder.
Early this morning, the second man involved in the murder, arrived at the police station with his lawyer.
A coroner investigating the case, said that the two victims had been tortured prior to being killed and were forced to fall to their knees. The bodies of both Sgouros and Kommatis had bullet wounds in their backs, according to police sources, indicating that they were shot at close range.
Both suspects for the double homicide will face the Messinia prosecutor today when the police are also expected to give more details concerning the murder.
The two bodies were found in Gaitses road, after Cabo Avia.
The coroner’s report will give more information as to what exactly happened.
Police have started taking statements from those who had seen the two friends lately, as well as from friends and relatives.