5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Thessaloniki; Northern Greece

    Earthquake near Thessaloniki Northern Greece

    An earthquake with magnitude 5.1 occurred near Thessaloniki, Greece at 6:44 am on Aug 22, 2014.

    The epicenter was located in the Southern part of the 13km SSW of Polikhronon while the shock was felt in the Thessaloniki and throughout Northern Greece.

    There have been no reports of injuries, or, property damages.

    The Mediterranean region is seismically active due to the northward convergence (4-10 mm/yr) of the African plate with respect to the Eurasian plate along a complex plate boundary. Greece lies within this seismically active area.

    Earthquakes have historically caused widespread damage not only in Crete, but also across central and southern Greece, Cyprus, Sicily and other neighboring regions.

    In January, a series of strong earthquakes on the western island of Kefalonia damaged hundreds of homes and injured more than a dozen people.