Fighter Jet Crashes in Northern Greece; Pilot Safe

Fighter-Jet-Crashes-in-Greece1An A7 Corsair fighter jet crashed near the city of Komotini in Northern Greece on Tuesday morning August 26.

The Greek pilot who was flying the old A7 Corsair managed to use the ejection seat mechanism and survive the crash. The incident occurred at around 10 am local time according to a witness.

The fighter jet was participating in a training exercise at the Evros region and had taken off together with another A7 aircraft from the 116 Combat Wing.

Although initial estimates indicate that the plane experienced a mechanical failure, an experts committee has been called to look into the case.

Minister of National Defense Demetris Avramopoulos contacted the pilot in order to congratulate him for his prompt reaction and wished him a fast recovery.

Official announcements are expected.


  1. The A7 Corsair is a 45 year old Vietnam/Cold War period antique that prone to aging problems. Perhaps the pilot thought he was home on his Playstation not realizing the limitations of the aircraft he was piloting, or it was bad/wrong fuel. Any way Turkey is chuckling that we seem to live in our past with military hand-me-downs from a long bygone era.

  2. How exactly did you reach these conclusions with the limited facts given in this story? The only people “chuckling” are the shareholders and executives of the weapons industries that our country has been enriching for the past 30 years.

  3. First thing first, do you agree the mid-1960s era Corsair is out dated for 21st Century warfare? Aircraft of this vintage and hours they typically log have fatigue issues. Spare parts are casually found at “will-fit” vendors or scavenged from scrap aircraft boneyards mostly in the US such in Tucson Arizona. The big defense industry contractors have little interest nor profit supplying Greece and Portugal’s aging fleet of A7s. Nice try to pin it on the executives and shareholders of “BIG DEFENSE” contractors but in this case it’s not. So why do you think Turkey is chuckling?


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