Greek-Italian Exhibition in Athens

italy Greece exhibitionThe exhibition “Classicism and Europe: The European destiny of Greece and Italy” aims to bring out the contribution of the Greek and Roman world in the developement of the European civilization and Europe’s contemporary cultural identity.

The exhibition will be presented at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece, from August 28 until October 31. The exhibition has already been presented at Rome’s Presidential Quirinale Palace.

The exhibition, which includes 16 masterpieces of Greco-Roman antiquity and Byzantine art, and 7 contemporary works, is organized by the Presidency of the Italian Republic in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Hellenic Presidency, and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, within the framework of the Greek Presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2014 and its succession by the Italian Presidency.

The Greek exhibits include: the relief of “Thinking Athena” from the Acropolis, a Linear B clay tablet from Pylos, two Cycladic figurines from the island of Naxos, a bullhead shaped rhyton from the palace of Zakros, the 12th century painting “Our Lady of Mercy” from the Byzantine and Christian Museum and El Greco’s “St. Peter” from the National Gallery.

The Italian exhibits include the Sculptural Group of the Tyrannicides – Harmodius and Aristogeiton, Ludovisi Acrolith and the Caravaggio painting “John the Baptist.”