Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Replies to MP’s Homophobic Insults

A tweet by Independent MP Nikos Nikolopoulos mocking Luxembourg Democratic Party Prime Minister Xavier Bettel’s decision to take advantage of his country’s “gay marriage” law did not go unnoticed.

The tweet – in Greek – referred to a Europe of “faggots” and prompted Bettel’s reaction, who asked for a translation. Nikolopoulos did not translate but he did try to deflect responsibility by stating that he copy-pasted it from a blog article. Bettel responded with a second tweet that was reassuring to Greek people who don’t hold the same views as the Greek MP.

Nikopoulos was bombarded with criticism on the social media site.

Diplomatic friction was averted and the matter could have been left at that, had Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Kourkoulas not entered the Twitter war with a double tweet, one in half English/half Greeklish and one in French.

Kourkoulas wrote: “Dear PM, Thank you for helping us unveiling the dirty face of some of our politicians “einai PSEKASMENOI”( Psekasmenoi refers to some who think that chemicals thrown in the atmosphere are responsible for inappropriate or stupid behavior).

Nikopoulos is a former Deputy Labor Minister in Antonis Samaras’ government and was considered a close ally of the Greek Prime Minister before resigning in opposition to the terms of Greece’s bailout.

The independent MP is currently campaigning against an anti-racism bill which is set to include tougher sentences for those who commit homophobic or racist acts. The bill “will be the end for the family institution,” Nikopoulos has warned. Greece has seen a surge in homophobic attacks in the past year, with the increase partly blamed on the rise of the fascist Golden Dawn party, as “EU Observer” comments in an article dedicated to homophobia in Greece and Nikolopoulos’ tweets.

Independent MPs call on Nikolopoulos to quit group
A parliamentary group comprising 15 independent lawmakers asked member Nikos Nikolopoulos to resign Friday over his homophobic tweet concerning the Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.
“We unreservedly condemn the unacceptable, provocative and racist statements by a member of our parliamentary group,” the remaining MPs said. “The content and attitude of this kind of language is in conflict with our ideology and political beliefs.”
The deputies called on Nikolopoulos to apologize and to quit the parliamentary group.


  1. Hallo,
    I reply to the prime minister of Luxemburg as scientist in Biology and using evolutionary terms, that homosexuality is rare event in nature and in all organisms which is rejected. In other words non homosexual diploid organism can reproduces. Therefor it is rejected by nature.
    If humans want to be proud of something that nature rejects then good for them!

  2. You never hear something like that because simply scientists never talk about these events. What do you mean by examples and facts? The purpose of every living organism is reproduction. All the energy from every single organism is given to reproduction e.g. how to attract pollinator in case of flowers that will take its nectar but the pollinator will deposit pollen from other plants. Animals are performing dances or whistles to their best when it i time to mate.

    You say that biologists and zoologists consider homosexuality quite common. Well I will challenge you with the following experiment that you can perform by yourself. Check out dogs, birds, cats what ever you like and tell me how many are attracted by animals of the same sex and how many are not. A rare event in genetics is called something that has less than 5% so if you see out of 100 animal cases having sex with animals of the same sex then yes we are not talking about rare events.

  3. You didn’t answer to my question: Where and how exactly does the nature “rejects” homosexuality?

    Being homosexual doesn’t prevent one to reproduce. If that’s your main concern, a gay person is still able to engage in a temporary different-sex relationship (if really needed)… It should also be remembered that most heterosexual sexual intercourse are not for the sole purpose of reproduction.

    Of course, same-sex couples can’t (naturally) produce children, but the same goes for infertile couples (and those who doesn’t want children) and they’re not insulted, mocked, called “rejection of the nature” or even beaten because of their “rarity”.

  4. The answer I gave it and you gave it yourself, if gay do not mate with heterosexual individuals, they can not reproduce. My answer in other words is this one every organism from every species in nature is maintained by producing offsprings, otherwise is rejected. Of course there are even heterosexual couples who can not reproduce they are rejected by nature as well. They are simply not antagonist enough…

  5. I fail to understand your reasoning “can’t / not willing to reproduce = rejected by nature”. Just because they can’t have children, elderly or infertile couples shouldn’t be in a relationship, like if it was an “unnatural” thing?