Greek Prime Minister Not Very Active In Parliament

New statistical data revealed by Greek website showed that the New Democracy-PASOK coalition government has little interest in preserving democratic institutions.

From June 2012 until today that the two-party coalition is governing the country, figures from Parliamentary reports reveal the following:

-Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has addressed the Parliament only 5 times!

Antonis Samaras avoids going to Parliament because he tries to avoid unpleasant attacks and complaints towards his party, and especially complaints on a personal level, particularly from opposition SYRIZA party leader Alexis Tsipras.

The third time the Prime Minister had spoken in Parliament, in 2013, was in the debate called by SYRIZA on the issue of farmers’ compensations (02/26/13), while in 2012 he “honored” the Parliament with his presence just twice, the minimum required by Parliament regulation: one for presenting the new government’s program and one on the state budget debate of 2013.

-No replies in questions of parliamentary control.

The PM’s relationship with parliamentary scrutiny is also very bad. The institution of the “Prime Minister’s Time” which was always in effect every Friday morning in the House, has been silently abolished without any official explanation. Samaras is the only government head since the dictatorship that has not responded, not even once, to any questions of political opposition leaders.

-He is almost always absent from Cabinet meetings, which is theoretically the highest body of the executive power.

He is recorded in attending such meetings only twice since 2012!!!

The majority of the significant decisions are taken at the government headquarters among his close associates. Most of the times, Ministers are ordered to follow decisions taken between Samaras and government Vice President Evangelos Venizelos.

According to the same source, the Cabinet has made only two regular meetings on political issues: one on the issue of taking major decisions for the reduction of the Greek debt (11/28/12) and one for the National Strategic Reference Framework (02/15/13). The other five meetings were either for ceremonial purposes (after the elections and after reshuffles) or for procedural reasons (choice of  supreme courts leadership, Greek Presidency of the EU).

Moreover, from June 2012 to date, the government has issued 25 legislative acts, always under the “exceptional circumstances” title, usually for implementing Troika’s financial demands.

GreekReporter tried to get an official response on’s claims but unfortunately did not get a reply yet.


  1. Of course Samaras is not there, he dictates harsh Austerity, but is not there to take the heat afterwards. — What happened to Democracy in Greece? — THERE ISN’T ANY.

  2. Given the poor quality of the political rhetoric, I would also avoid Parliament whenever possible.