Moody’s: Greece in Debt Doldrums

Greek deptGreece is only one of several countries whose shaky finances leave them on the brink of being unable to repay their obligations. Moody’s currently rates 10 other countries’ debt as equally or even more risky than that of Argentina. These span the globe, from nearby Venezuela and Ecuador to Pakistan.
Moodys_ Greece in Debt
The table shows the countries around the world judged as most likely to default on their sovereign debt, according Moody’s. Countries rated Caa1, like Greece and Egypt, are judged as risky as Argentina, while those rated Caa2 or Caa3 are even more speculative.

Other countries further up the junk bond spectrum still cause concern, like Ghana, whose credit rating was downgraded in June and has announced it might tap the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a loan as soon as next month.