Ice Bucket Challenge World Record in Greece [VIDEO]

    Ice-BucketA group of friends used a bulldozer for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the Greek island of Crete. However, a group of friends from Sparta decided to outdo the Cretans and break the Ice Bucket Challenge world record.

    The young Greeks accepted the challenge and dropped the largest amount of water that has ever been used in an Ice Bucket Challenge. 50 tons of ice water to be exact!

    In order for their plan to work, they used half a cubic meter of ice, 50 tons of water from a tank that collects rainwater and a crane. Finally, Kostas, who came up with the idea, had to participate while wearing a cast on his leg. It should be noted that rainwater is collected in special areas for different uses and when it is not gathered, it ends up in an adjacent river.