Poll: SYRIZA in the Lead

SYRIZA pollSYRIZA has remained in the lead against New Democracy, according to a new poll conducted by ALCO.

The poll was conducted between September 1 and 3. During that period, Greek news were mostly analyzing Greece’s negotiation with the Troika in Paris, as well as the new property tax (ENFIA) regulations.

According to the poll results published today, September 4, SYRIZA has a 3.6% lead over New Democracy in the voting intention poll, while the party got a 4% lead in voting intention with reduction on the valid ballots.

As far as voting intention is concerned, SYRIZA gathered 25.5%, while New Democracy reached 21.7%. Golden Dawn stood in third place with 7.3%. PASOK rates are still quite low (4.3%), while Democratic Left (DIMAR) is on the verge of not being able to get into the Greek Parliament, with 2.3%. Regarding the other parties, the Greek Communist Party (KKE) got 4.6%, To Potami 3.7% and the Independent Greeks 3.5%.

In voting intention with reduction on the valid ballots SYRIZA got 28.1%, New Democracy 24.1% and Golden Dawn 8.1%. As for the other parties the result were:
KKE 5.1%
PASOK 4.8%
To Potami 4.1%
Independent Greeks 3.9%
DIMAR 2.6%


  1. Clearly PASOK, DIMAR, Potami and ANEL are collapsing and are unlikely to be present in the next Hellenic parliament, which will be dominated by SYRIZA, New Democracy and Golden Dawn.

  2. Bravo SYRIZA, they may be the only party left to get Greece out of this ND & PASOK mess.