Greek Culture Minister Comments on Amphipolis

Archaeologists Ready to Enter Tomb in AmphipolisGreek Culture Minister Kostas Tasoulas recommended patience regarding the course of the excavation project in Ancient Amphipolis, answering to journalists’ questions on the sidelines of the inauguration of the “Macedonian Treasures” exhibition at the new Archaeological Museum of Pella, in northern Greece.

Commenting on the monument, he noted that it is an extremely important discovery, an enormous burial monument of great artistic value.

The Minister pointed out that archaeology is a science which is by no means related to impatience, but to patience, ethics and the pleasure that discoveries bring. He also stated that further announcements on the progress of the excavation work will be released, probably on Sunday.

He noted that there can’t be any accurate timetable for the excavations, as something different comes up every day. However, he stressed that the archaeologists have reached the antechambers and that they do a very good and careful work.

During his speech at the exhibition’s opening, Tasoulas said that the important monument in ancient Amphipolis is a great opportunity for the Greek people to re-discover their culture’s charm, which does not keep them tied to the past but gives them courage to overcome the difficult moments.