Hydra Island Police Chief Photographed Giving Nazi Salute

    Yiorgos KagkalosThe police chief of Hydra island in Greece was photographed giving the Nazi salute while on a trip to Germany.

    Greek newspaper “Ethnos” published the picture of Lt. Yiorgos Kagkalos, which it reported was taken in 2011 during a visit to the Nuremberg Transport Museum.

    The publication follows persistent reports suggesting widespread support among the Greek Police for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party. It also comes in a week when the Greek Parliament is working to pass a law that would outlaw Holocaust denial and hate speech.

    In the photo, Kagkalos is standing in front of a red locomotive emblazoned with the Nazi eagle and swastika while his arm is raised in the Nazi salute.

    The newspaper reported that the photo was sent anonymously to the police, who investigated the incident but ultimately did not charge Kagkalos due to lack of evidence.

    Kagkalos has appealed to the administrative courts to block an order by police headquarters to remove him from his position, which he has held since 2011, the newspaper reported.

    In the past, Kagkalos’ name has been associated with right-wing extremism. In June 1999, he was temporarily suspended from his position after he admitted using his service pistol to fire a volley of shots at the graveside of former dictator Georgios Papadopoulos, head of the military coup d’état of April 21, 1967, and leader of the junta that ruled the country for the following seven years.

    A case against the then sergeant was submitted to the prosecutor and an internal sworn investigation was conducted. It is believed the case against him was subsequently dropped due to lack of evidence.
    Kagkalos is also involved with the Greek section of the International Police Association, of which he is described as a “loyal friend and silent worker.”


    1. More PROPAGANDA by this Government of crooks and liars ruining Greece by the day.
      Why isn’t Venizelos and Papconstantinou in jail yet for hiding & fiddling with the “Legarde List”?