Anti-racism Bill Gets Necessary Parliamentary Majority

greek parliamentAfter the request of SYRIZA and Golden Dawn for roll call vote, Greece ‘s anti-racism bill got the necessary Parliamentary majority.

As expected, there was a diversity of opinions within the parties, especially regarding article 2 on genocide, for which there was an open discussion in the past few days on whether its refusal should be criminalized or not.

In total, 99 MPs took part in the voting. For article 1, 58 voted yes, 10 no and 31 present. For the disputed article 2, 54 MPs were in favor, 42 against while 3 declared present. Finally, for article 3, 60 voted yes, 10 no and 29 present.

Greece becomes the third European country after Switzerland and Slovakia to adopt such measures.

The bill, known as “Fight against Xenophobia”, stipulates heavy fines and imprisonment terms for individuals who publicly deny genocides and other crimes against humanity that are recognized by the Greek Parliament and international courts.


  1. This is NOT a fight against Xenophobia it is a tyrannical means to silence the most basic of freedoms. In time Greeks will loath this affront of human rights as prisons become inundated by those that dared to speak. Socrates would be ashamed at the degeneration of principals he gave his life to uphold.

  2. An excerpt from article published by Israeli news site Haaretz.

    “The Greek Jewish community and international Jewish groups have long pressed the Greek government to take a tougher legislative stance.”

    An excerpt from an article published by the Times of Israel.

    “It took more than a year of debate for Greece to update the legislation, previously dating from 1979, on the urging of the European Commission and the World Jewish Congress.”

    …and from the website of the World Jewish Congress.

    “In September 2013, World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder said Greece’s democratic forces “have a moral obligation to unite against Golden Dawn leaders”, especially those who “publicly incite to crimes, preach hate against minorities, deny and belittle the Holocaust, or viciously assault people based on the color of their skin, their ethnic background, or their political views.”

  3. Does that include the war crimes; Crimes Against Humanity in the Ukraine, also, or do the electors “pick and choose”? The Ukrainian Air Force deliberately bombed their own people to intimidate them into submission. Just yesterday, yet another bombing by the Ukrainian Air Force targeted a hospital. The entire United Nations was SILENT on this issue for over 1 year, yet it continues, STILL……………………………………………………………………..