Survivors of 1999 Athens Earthquake Still Living in Prefab Homes

athens_001Fifteen years ago, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake shook the Parnitha region in Attica, Greece. It was one of the largest and deadliest earthquakes to hit Greece in the last 50 years.

According to authorities, almost 150 people were killed, 700 injured and 40,000 lost their homes. Damages were estimated at 3 billion euros. After the earthquake, many houses in Athens were declared dangerous due to heavy damage. The owners had to move into prefabricated homes and camps at the foothills of Parnitha mountain.

Today, fifteen years later, Greek newspaper “Ta Nea” reports that some of these people are still living in those prefabricated camps. Most of them are unemployed or do not have enough money to rent a proper home. They are forced to live in 23-square-meter iso-boxes with no electricity or running water.

Many of these unfortunate Athenians have big families or suffer from disabilities, therefore they are forced to live under horrible conditions. Still, authorities continue to break their promises for a better future.


  1. They DO have running water and electricity, for FREE. This is why they still want to live there.