More Than 80 Jihadists are Believed to Be in Greece

Greek authorities have evidence that there are about 80-100 people of Arab origin in Greece who belong to extremist Muslim groups and are suspected to have links with jihadists.

According to information, these people have family or friendly relations with Muslim fanatics in European countries. It is also possible that some of them might have European passports and use them to travel in Europe and the Middle East.

Greek authorities are in constant contact with intelligence agencies in the US, France and the UK, as it is estimated that there are about 80-100 jihadists in the country, who either live or currently visiting Greece in order to go to Syria. Some are under police surveillance, while European countries inform Greece about Syrians and Iraqis living in the country who have family or friendly relations with jihadists who live mainly in Britain and France. Until today, three jihadist extremists of French nationality have been arrested.

The arrested suspects had entered Greece while returning from Syria and are members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). One of them was arrested in France and the other in Italy, following information provided by Greek authorities, while the third one was arrested in Evros region in Greece, in a truck full of weapons that was heading to the Syrian rebels.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the surveillance operation comes amidst concerns that ISIS will retaliate for increased US airstrikes in Iraq and possible strikes in Syria.

“The threat level originating from Greece is very low because there are no verified indications of either dormant or active ISIS cells or splinter groups within the country,” a senior intelligence official said. “We are, however, at a heightened state of vigilance now, exchanging intelligence from the United States, Britain, France and others,” the LA Times report said.

The official, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the topic, did not elaborate. Nor did he say whether Greece had issued international arrest warrants for Islamist militants in a bid to block the spillover of extremist violence from the Middle East.

In recent months, Greek intelligence has detected six ISIS recruits traveling through the country, including a 23-year-old French national carrying a memory stick with instructions for making bombs.

According to Greek newspaper “Proto Thema,” the instructions carried by the Algerian-born Frenchman bore the slogan “in the name of God.” His friend, a Tunisian Frenchman who worked as a cook in Cannes before being recruited by ISIS two years ago, was spotted by Greek authorities weeks later, reportedly returning from training in Syria.

“We couldn’t arrest them because there were no legal grounds to do so,” the intelligence officer said. “We tipped off other agencies on their movements instead.”

In another case, Greek authorities arrested a 43-year-old Frenchman of Russian descent for trying to drive a truck carrying weapons bound for Syria through a Greek border crossing into Turkey.

“Since the start of the year, Greece has deported more than 300 Syrians and Iraqis suspected of terrorism-related activities. What’s more, with Greece neighboring Albania, the biggest source of Islamic State recruits in the Balkans, investigators warn that the passage of militants through this country could increase,” the LA Times report said.


  1. the majority of illegal immigrants (and the prison population) are from albania not “largely islamic 3rd world” illegal immigration into Greece (though I suppose albania can fall into this category with islam being the majority at 58% of the country- you are referring to the middle east). ironically, you support Palestinian muslims in their fight vs israel. i suppose you LOVE palestinian muslims more than israeli jews. who would have thought.

    In 2010, 132,524 persons were arrested for “illegal entry or stay” in
    Greece, a sharp increase from 95,239 in 2006. Nearly half of those
    arrested (52,469) were immediately deported, the majority of them being

    In 2012, there was a steady trend of about 160 000 third-country nationals effectively
    returned to third countries. Greece reported the largest number of returns of a single nationality (Albanians), and effective returns in Greece increased markedly in the last quarter of 2012 following the launch of the Xenios Zeus operation.

    you fear monger much like that war criminals George Bush and Dick Cheney

    thankfully the Greek intelligence service and military is one of the best in the world and thankfully they are working with the US/UK

    agree with your general sentiments about the despicable state funding
    of a mosque in addition to the need to stop jihadism, fiercely, and
    illegal immigration. this can ONLY be accomplished by improving the
    economy and neither Golden Dawn, Syriza, and certainly not ND/PASOK is
    capable of doing this.

  2. I support a strong Greek economy ofcourse, what sane person wouldn’t. Could you please elaborate however on your point of how a stronger Greek economy will assist with minimising 3rd world immigration into Greece, most of which is illegal? The USA, UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, all have relatively strong and vibrant economies, and some of the above mentioned nations, specifically the USA, UK & Germany are central pillars of the global economy…and yet, they all have massive issues with illegal 3rd world immigration! The illegal immigration crisis along the USA-Mexico border for instance, or the massive 3rd world immigration issues (largely Islamic) into the UK, via the Pas-de-Calais to Kent, cross channel tunnel, etc. Look at the impact that the fear of being labelled a “racist” had in Rotherham were 1,400 underage White Christian girls were trafficked into sex slavery by muslim Pakistani gangs, and the local authorities were too terrified of being labelled “racist” to address this tsunami of anti-white, anti-Christian hate crimes. The anti-golden dawn rabble, (Zionists, Leftists, pseudo-conservatives) wish to have their cake and to eat it to. They say that dark skinned 3rd world immigrants (legal and illegal) are terrified of Golden Dawn. Well if this is the case then surely if Golden Dawn is elected to govern Greece, no 3rd worlder will dare try immigrate to Greece, or dare try cross illegaly into Greece. Those 3rd worlders currently in Greece, would rush to volunteer to be deported to their nations of ethnic origin rather than remain in a Golden Dawn governed Greece. Isn’t that right Thes8niki? Or if this is not the case, then the only explanation is that the anti-golden dawn rabble have vastly exaggerated the fear that dark skinned 3rd worlders have of Golden Dawn, & the “terror” that people like you allege that these 3rd worders have experienced at the hands of Golden Dawn.

    Why Did British Police Ignore Pakistani Gangs Abusing 1,400 Rotherham Children? Political Correctness.
    The latest report, from Professor Alexis Jay, former chief inspector of social work in Scotland, gives the truth for the first time, in 153 disturbing pages. One fact stands out above all the horrors detailed in the document, which is that the girl victims were white, and their abusers Pakistani.

    At least 52,000 unaccompanied Central American minors have crossed into the USA since June 2013.

    UK to send Nato summit fences to Calais to deter illegal immigrants

  3. Support Muslim Palestinians in their fight vs Israel? Here is what I oppose Thes8niki. I oppose the illegal siezure of Palestinian land by the Jewish Supremacist Apartheid State of Israel. The latest illegal siezure of 4 of Palestinian land was announced just a fortnight ago by the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv. Ofcourse, your blind support for Israel, despite all the crimes perpetrated by Israel against the defenseless Palestinian populace, raises alot of questions about your morals, and perhaps also about your own ethnicity or at least relations and associations. Do you have Jewish heritage, relatives or other close Jewish associations?

  4. then you support muslims in their fight against Israel and her war crimes and illegal seizure of land

    my blind support of Israel? interesting – where did you get that from? or does anyone who doesn’t share a blind hitler like hate for all jews and israelis automatically qualify as a strong supporter of Israel? I consider Israel a state that commits countless war crimes and is responsible for a good amount of the conflict in the middle east. I don’t support most of her actions

    I am 100% Greek

    tell us about your German heritage while we’re at it

  5. while it is true that a strong economy causes others to come into a country, the inability to deal with an illegal issue in good and bad times is a far worse path to take.

    it costs money to patrol the land border. it costs $ to patrol the 11th largest coastline in the world. it costs a significant amount $ to maintain an effective navy to patrol such a massive coast line. it costs $ to maintain an effective and swift judiciary to deal with illegal cases, that above anything else are bound to occur purely based on Greece’s geographic location in addition to being a signatory of the Dublin convention. it costs money to maintain detention centers and prisons. running a campaign of fear is not an effective way to deal with this situation and you are delusional if you think it is.

    many of the countries you mention happen to spend tens billions on border control issues, particularly the US, which despite the crisis and the laws which it is bound to follow internally, has deported a record number of illegals in the last few years. Had the US and the above mentioned countries decided to focus on more important issues like the economy, infrastructure and illegals, instead of bailing out the banks and starting wars worldwide in the name of nation building, they would be able to tackle the problem way more effectively. same goes with Greece

    fix the economy and you will be able to deal with the illegal issue infinitely more effectively NOT the other way around.