Amphipolis: Caryatids’ Full Body Revealed-New Photos

amphipolisThe new discoveries from the tomb of Amphipolis in Greece, that keep coming to light, have caused admiration across the world.

Photos released by the Greek Culture Ministry on Thursday show that the archaeologists have revealed the whole body of the two Caryatids that were unearthed on Saturday.

caryatidThe Caryatids were “buried” in the ground between the septal wall and the tomb’s sealing. The face of the eastern Caryatid was found in the ground during excavations and will be attributed to the statue.

On Thursday, the first wall, sealing the front of the Caryatids, was removed, revealing the continuity of the two sculptures’ robes. The robes’ folds are of great artistic value, while the Caryatids, from the outside, appear to slightly lift their chitons with the corresponding hand.

The archaeological team found out that the inner arms of the Caryatids did not support the architrave, as there are no indications of lead mouldings or processing of the lower surface of the architrave.

The project will proceed with the removal of the sandy soil in the area in front of and behind the wall with the caryatids. Up to the level of the marble roof, the two walls are covered with marble pillars, which mimic the enclosure wall.