Foreign Real Estate Agents Interested in Crete

kriti660_6In recent years, more and more foreign real estate agents and companies show an active interest in the Greek real estate market.

According to a chart examined by British website, during the period from September 2013 until August 2014, searches of real estate agents from abroad have increased significantly, especially for the island of Crete, Greece . In fact, 45% of the Google real estate searches had to do with Crete, followed by the Ionian islands.

Foreign buyers are also interested in buying houses in Attica. Athens is a standard option but cannot compare to the traditional charm of the Greek islands.

Even so, the Greek capital has become a “target” for 12.23% of searches for purchasing or renting houses from abroad. Meanwhile, tourists are also looking for houses in islands that are located close to Athens, so that they can have direct access to the capital. Some of the most popular options include Poros, Hydra and Aegina.

While there was a decline in Greek land interest in previous years, opportunities have now changed and interest is strong. Crete is still in the top ten options, along with Kalamata, Kassiopi and the Ionian Islands.

The truth is that potential buyers tend to look for houses in the islands and not in the Greek mainland. They are mostly looking for villas or cottages overlooking the sea.