Study: Cigarette Consumption in Greece Declines to 20 Bln Pieces

smokingFast Market Research, a leading company in the market research field, has conducted a study regarding cigarette consumption in Greece.

The study, entitled “World Cigarettes Greece,” focused on the way the cigarette market has evolved in the country over the last 12 years. Researchers observed the changes in the smoking habits of Greek people as well as the competitive environment and economic developments in the country.

The results of the study show the market trends since 1990, assess the currents of change and project the market scenarios of the future until 2022.

In the 1990s and 2000s Greece’s cigarette market grew fast. However, it suffered a heavy blow due to tax increases, non-duty paid sales and prices, the trend of cigarette tobacco and mostly due to the economic crisis that hit the country a few years ago. In fact, Greece showed its 8th consecutive annual decrease in sales, which reached 20.15 billion pieces.

Overall, the per capita consumption in Greece is still high compared to European standards, despite the dramatic decrease that was recorded after 2004. This year, Fast Market Research found that the per capita consumption reached 1,764 pieces, while in 2004 reached 3,146. Smoking in Greece has shown an overall decline, as well as among men. However, the percentage for women has increased and at the moment stands at 30%.


  1. Another “study” revealing that in actuality there has been a modest reduction in consumption but in fact purchasing has shifted from taxed cigarettes to those smuggled into the country. The other part the “study” overlooked is the sale of grown tobacco for personal consumption and proliferation of hand rolled cigarettes. Tobacco tax revenues are down and the “study” will proclaim it as a victory in the war against smoking.