Chinese Investors Look for Rare Earth Metals in Greece

mineralsThe Greek subsoil and its rare earth metals have attracted the interest of Chinese investors. On the occasion of the ERES international conference hosted in Greece from September 4 to 7, a delegation from China, which is considered the absolute leader in the earth metals field, visited Greece.

It is estimated that 17 valuable minerals associated to the high-tech industry are present in Greece. The majority lies in the underwater area of ​​the northern Aegean Sea and in Thrace.

Indications of rare minerals appear in the areas of Rhodope, Thessaloniki, Chios, Kilkis, and in the coastal and underwater area of Strymonikos Bay, and bauxites on the Greek mainland.

These earth metals can be used as catalytic automobile converters, in petroleum refining, in TVs, mobile phones, portable DVDs, laptops, rechargeable batteries in hybrid and electric cars,  wind turbine generators, medical devices, photovoltaic systems, missile defense satellites and many more.

European geologists claim that Greece, along with Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, have rare earth metal and mineral reserves, and should be used to save Europe’s car and electronics industries from uncertain imports.


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