One in Three Greek Employees Earns 300 Euros

Greek WorkersAccording to figures by the labor union of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE), one in three employees in the private sector earns 300 euros per month, working under flexible forms of employment (part-time work, job rotation).

GSEE scientific director Savas Robolis stated that the high unemployment rates brought by the economic crisis, force more and more private sector employees to resort to flexible employment. This has created a new generation of workers; the generation of 300 euros.

Average annual earnings in Greece for 2014 amount to 21,930 euros compared to 24,472 euros in Slovenia, 22,740 euros in Cyprus, 34,584 euros in Spain, 38,964 euros in Germany, 44,377 in Ireland and 49,256 in France.

Opposition party Democratic Left (DIMAR) noted that the new figures highlight the dramatic state of the Greek economy and employees in the most emphatic manner.

DIMAR claims that following austerity policies that lead to economic suffocation, further decrease of wages, reduction of the purchasing power of Greek households and deterioration of labor relations, has been proven to be a failure.

The left-wing party notes that growth and competitiveness cannot be supported by exhausted workers while tackling the economic crisis won’t be achieved by reducing wages and violating labor rights.


  1. It is shame to see some earn as little as 300Euro per month while the real culprits from our corrupt politicians and their parasites from the public sector are earning 3000Euro per month plus benefit…Shame on you Samara for the 21st Century Greek Slavery that both you and Venizelos caused to the country…Both your party and Pasok bankrupt the country leaving us with no choice other then to suffer while all of you enjoiying the Full Monty’s life on our expense…Shame on you