Greek Car Production to Restart in Late 2014

pony-carIt was announced that the light-passenger-utility car, Pony, which was first produced by the Greek National Motor Company (NAMCO) in the 1970s, will once again begin production, starting around the end of 2014.

Petros Tzanetos-Kondogouris, owner of the Thessaloniki-based company, announced that after two years of efforts to surpass the obstacles of Greek bureaucracy, it is finally possible to begin production. As he mentioned, he plans on employing 150 workers for the project.

The Pony was first introduced by NAMCO in the Thessaloniki International Fair in the 1970s. According to German media, it was a car “so ugly, it’s beautiful.”

The owner also noted that the new model would be powered by a 1300 cc (75 hp) or a 1400 cc (80 hp) engine, while his main goal is to keep the price below 7,000 euros. “Not only is it hard to open an industry in Greece. It is like carrying Mount Olympus on your shoulders. But we are not blaming anybody, we are not lamenting our fate. We just keep looking forward,” he said.