Provocative Article Mentions Autonomous Macedonian Movement

    Here’s how the map of Europe would be redrawn if all Separatist Movements get their way, is the title of a provocative article published at Business Insider today.

    The map mixes existent and non-existent movements and displays scenarios with 37 new national and religious states in Europe.

    “From Catalonia and Basque Country in Spain to Veneto, South Tyrol, and the island of Sardinia in Italy to Flanders in Belgium, “the precedent of the vote on self-determination will reverberate around the Continent,” The New York Times wrote on the same lines as Business Insider.

    The map gives a rough idea of how European borders would have to be redrawn if regions with a separatist agenda got their way and was put together by the “European Free Alliance”, to which “40 progressive nationalist, regionalist and autonomous parties throughout the European Union belong,” the article suggests.

    It displays famous, recognized separatist movements and other non-existent ones such as the “Lerin: Macedonians in Greece.” And after mixing together actual and imaginary separatists movements, it concludes that Scotland and the referendum could lead to a dramatic change in the map of Europe as we know it today.


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