Fyssas Murder: How Authorities Connected Golden Dawn to the Killing


September 18, 2013: Pavlos Fyssas is stabbed by Golden Dawn member Giorgos Roupakias in the Keratsini area of Piraeus. The assassination marks the beginning of the “unveiling” of Golden Dawn’s political-criminal activities.

The Greek public is jolted by the incident. Once the initial shock wears off, the anti-fascist demonstrations begin – not just in Greece, but in cities throughout Europe. The rapper’s death site becomes a rallying point. Revelations regarding Golden Dawn’s criminal activity soon follow. In the wake of the brutal murder in Keratsini, it becomes clear that the murder was politically motivated.

The 34-year-old musician had gone with his fiancee and friends to a cafeteria in the area of Amfiali to watch a football match of his favorite team, Olympiakos. A discussion began in which Fyssas allegedly made a provocative remark about Golden Dawn.

The rapper left the cafeteria after the match was over; according to eye witnesses, a gang of Golden Dawn members was waiting for him to ask why he had made the provocative remark about their party. About 30 Greek Golden Dawn members in military trousers gathered outside the cafeteria. Two were holding batons. Fyssas started to walk to Panagi Tsaldari street with his fiancee. Greek Police forces of the DIAS motorcycle group reached the area but, because they were afraid to interfere, they decided to stand aside. The offender, Roupakias, approached Fyssas and stabbed him in the chest.

Immediately after Roupakias pulled the knife, a female DIAS officer threw him to the ground and handcuffed him. Fyssas did not make it, however; he died on the street, next to his fiancee. Roupakias has since admitted that he is a Golden Dawn member. From that point forth, the group’s “criminal activities” have been gradually unveiled. According to investigations, Golden Dawn members had “called” the gang to commit this murder. Golden Dawn correspondence and SMS messages subsequently gathered by Greek Police have revealed shocking details not only about this murder, but about the “provocative actions” of other Golden Dawn members. Several have been arrested, including Golden Dawn founder and leader Nikos Michaloliakos, and currently sit in Korydallos prison, awaiting trial.

Monument for FyssasMonument for Fyssas
A monument in honor of Fyssas at the murder site in the western Attica district of Keratsini was unveiled this afternoon during an antifascist protest and march by Fyssas’ friends, locals and fans.
Fyssas’ mother cried “Sing, my son” over the monument and his father said that he is fighting fascism, while his son rests in peace.

Antifascist groups and other organizations also held events around Athens and other Greek cities to mark the first-year anniversary since the musician’s death.

An antifascist concert has been scheduled for Friday, 5:00 p.m., at Syntagma square, with the participation of more than 30 artists.


  1. I would never be that stupid. If I announce publicly that “we or I” should kill or destroy a particular someone or organization and become the poster child for destroying that “someone or organization” I should expect to be in harm’s way when I set foot publicly. Like rap “artists” in the US or Muslim leaders in Britain – they are always seen traveling with an “entourage” because when the cowards let their guard down they end up dying of lead poisoning like Tupac.

  2. WTF??? Baltakos and New Democracy are collaborating with GD, the “prisoners” enjoy ludicrous privelleges while left-wing people are prosecuted and the vast majority of the Greek police consists of fascist thugs who openly collaborate with GD. You are a filthy liar.

  3. Greek PM Samaras’s top aide Takis Baltakos, was caught in a secret video recording admitting that Greek PM Samaras ordered the arrest of Golden Dawn MP’s because he was extremely worried about the large number of voters from his party New Democracy, that were flocking to Golden Dawn, so he tried to decapitate Golden Dawn by imprisoning its MP’s..Truly shocking. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5_9C0CGtQfU

    You can find the complete transcript here.

  4. And still Baltakos was guiding GD on what to vote.

    GD has voted up to now

    1) To sell ATE bank to Sallas, a powerful banker
    2) To write off debts of professional football clubs
    3) To most austerity measures
    4) To every anti-democratic and nationalist law of ND.

    They have also asked to give for free money to the shipowners.

  5. No, i mean GD, check the news. Baltakos was not fired, he stepped down voluntarily, not for what he did, he had Samaras permission to do it, but because he was caught.


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