The German Press on the Greek Rebound

    samaras_merkelAngela Merkel‘s praise for Greece’s economic reform is capturing German headlines in the wake of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s recent visit to Berlin.

    “Greece is determined to recover,” reads the daily Spiegel, which noted that Samaras informed Merkel that no new aid package will be necessary. Samaras, who appeared confident that the recession is nearing its end, added that unemployment rates are falling.

    “Die Zeit” published an article entitled “Merkel Praises Greece’s Progress in Reforms.” The tone of the articles was congratulatory: there are several signs that Greece could soon achieve positive growth. Angela Merkel was cited as finding “pleasing developments” in the implementation of the agreed reform program.

    “Samaras, Greece want to stand on their own feet,” reads “Der Tagesspiegel.” One article finds that “four years after the beginning of the crisis, Greece wants to be funded again by the markets, rather than relying on the assistance of its international lenders.” The newspaper presented an extensive excerpt from Samaras and Merkel’s joint press conference, in which Merkel appeared optimistic about the future growth of the Greek economy.