University of Cyprus Creates Confucius Institute

Confucius InstituteSpeaking at a news conference, University Rector Constantinos Christofides said the creation of the Confucius Institute would significantly contribute to the internationalization of the University of Cyprus.

“It does not only open a window into the field of education and culture, but it also opens a window on broader cooperation on issues like the economy and trade, while our students will have the opportunity to learn Chinese and travel more easily to this country. I am confident that this will enhance cooperation between the two countries,” Christofides said.

Assistant Professor Wang Shenxian referred to the important help provided by the Rector on the establishment of the Confucius Institution at the University of Cyprus, which will bring the people of China and Cyprus closer.

Shenxian announced that the official opening of the Institute would be on September 27, when the 10th anniversary of the world’s Confucius Institutes is celebrated.

Confucius Institutes are non-profit institutions affiliated with China’s Education Ministry. Their aim is to promote the Chinese language and culture across the world. There are 460 Institutes in more than 120 countries.
(source: CNA)


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