Court of Human Rights Slams Greece for Inhumane Detention Conditions

prisonOn Thursday, the Court of Human Rights accepted the appeal of 16 prisoners of Greek, Romanian, Ukrainian, Turkish and American origin currently held in detention in Nafplio. Greece was condemned for the violation of Article 3 of the Human Rights Convention, which prohibits inhuman or degrading treatment.

The prisoners had complained about inhumane detention conditions and overcrowding of Nafplio’s prison.

The Court of Human Rights ruled that Greece must compensate each prisoner with an amount ranging between 5,000 and 15,000 euros, as well as 2,000 euros for trial costs and expenses.

Greece has been repeatedly condemned by the European Court and a number of humanitarian organizations for the state of its detention conditions, the mistreatment of prisoners, as well as squalid living conditions in prisons across Greece.


  1. I suppose the better option to those that never walked in fear is to let the prisoners walk out free rather than shape their character to understand they NEVER want to return to prison EVER AGAIN. If Greece is to be condemned perhaps the prisoners should be transferred to Belgium or the Netherlands where they will be better treated and assist in reducing government expenditures on career convicts.

  2. Two things. One – Hellas receives 95% pf all refugees hitting Eurasia. Yet receives bugger all help from the UN, other nations… When they considered a wall similar to the Jewish one, to stop the hoards coming in with Erdogan’s help they were blasted. But we are talking about an impoverished country struggling to survive.
    Second point, the Court should take a damn good look at the evil perpetrated by the dictatorial leader of Australia and his regime towards refugees. Keeping kids in detention centres. denying babies temporary protection visas. Keeping women and children for weeks on tin boats out at sea. Forcing them at Military point into other nations


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