Greece Brings War Against the Islamic State

    islamic_stateOn Thursday, the Greek Foreign Ministry announced that Greece will vouch its political and military support for the coalition against the Islamic State.

    Greece will lend humanitarian and military aid to the American-led coalition, officials said. The Greek General Staff has also decided to send ammunition to Kurdish forces battling the Islamic State.

    The aforementioned ammunition includes bullets for Kalashnikov firearms confiscated by Greek authorities. They are not state-owned weapons, but have filtered into Greece from eastern countries.

    ISIS has been characterized as a terrorist organization, while the United Nations and Amnesty International have called attention to the group’s mass violation of human rights. To date, approximately 40 countries have joined the coalition against ISIS.



    1. We need to play an important and not a secondary role in this. Greece and Cyprus must join actively and send Troops (which the Syrians will accept) where needed as we did in Corea. Greece must send also Air Force to Cyprus and operate against ISIS from there. This is a crucial geo-political and historical moment for the interests of our country and those of Cyprus while Turkey stands still and does nothing. While countries like Belgium, Holland and Albania send actively military support and we next door do only minimum it isn’t so effective for a country with hundreds of geo-political problems as Greece. We must be more decisive and have more Τόλμη. Our politicians, our government, our parliament, our people must wake up and show courage by taking risks for the future of Greece and its importance in the region. Our ancestors would have played important and hard. If we want to defend our country we have to pass prevently in attack.The best defence is the preventive offensive. Lets not leave to the others the great opportunity we have in this crucial moment of human history. We must start thinking big and not miserably because we Greeks had enough of offences. We must demonstrate who we are and this is the moment that presents itself every 100 years. Get up Greece, lets show to the World what Greece can do even under great difficulties.

    2. Greece is a good nation and I am glad they are stepping into this. I am sorry for the pain Greek people suffer due to econimic mess in EU. But Greece is an important nation. It is one of the most ancient and wise participants in the world affairs. I am from an American from Persian background but I trust Greece any day over Turkey and its ISIS criminals. Sometimes an ancient honorable rival is a lot more trustworthy than a fake friend.


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