Patras Police Arrest Migrant Traffickers

Greek police are arresting illegal immigrants but not corrupt politicians

Greek police in the port of Patras in southern Greece have recently arrested five members of a migrant trafficking group operating out of Greece and Italy. A sixth member remains undetained. The traffickers were arrested while attempting to convey 13 foreigners to Italy in the cargo hold of a truck.

The traffickers include two Greek men, 52 and 64, a Greek woman, 40, and two Iraqi nationals, 36 and 40. Hiding in the truck were 12 Syrians and one Iraqi.

The gang’s failed operation began at noon last Wednesday. The 64-year old Greek parked his truck in the Zavlani region of Patra. The 36-year old Iraqi subsequently transferred the 13 immigrants into the truck; the 64-year old then departed for the new port of Patras. Meanwhile, the 52-year old man and the 40-year old woman led with two different cars in the hopes of scouting out any police officers on route.

The five traffickers were arrested at the new port by an undercover police officer who had witnessed the entire operation.