Samaras Commemorates 40 Years of New Democracy, Blasts SYRIZA

Samaras_HalkidikiPrime Minister Antonis Samaras has arrived in Thessaloniki, Greece, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the New Democracy political party. Today, he delivered a speech at the Athos Palas hotel – the same venue where, in April 1977, New Democracy founder Konstantinos Karamanlis organized the party’s first pre-congress and, later, first official congress.

Discussing New Democracy’s contribution to Greek politics, Samaras stressed that his party has been the only indispensable political force in Greece for the last 40 years. He went on to state that New Democracy is the only party that offers a future for crisis-ridden Greeks. “We can see the difficulties, we are not frightened by them and we can face them. New Democracy has a lot to offer, we have not seen our victories yet,” he said, calling on those who have left the party to return and fight for its ideals.

“We fight for passion, for the ‘flame inside us,’ for democracy, for freedom and for Greece. Long live New Democracy,” he continued.

“I am not tired of fighting for what is right for the country, I know I am doing what is right for Greece. I want to cooperate with all those willing to offer to Greece.”

He also did not fail to attack SYRIZA and its political agenda. “SYRIZA will never become a government in Greece. Its political choice of “there is money” is very frightening.”

In his speech, Samaras made special reference to the economic progress Greeks have made thus far. Soon, Athens will be able to stand on its “own feet” without the assistance of foreign lenders.

The prime minister pointed out that unemployment is falling and that Greeks ought to be encouraged by the “change” in Greece ‘s economy.

He also spoke at length about the fact that Christians around the world are being prosecuted, vowing that all Greeks have to fight for the future of their religion.

A SYRIZA spokesman offered a harsh critic of the Thessaloniki address: “Instead of analyzing the strategy of his party, he transformed the event to mark the 40th anniversary of his party to a memorial service. He resorted only to an idle delirium against SYRIZA.”


  1. 40 years of corruption and looting (rivalled only by the corruption and looting of PASOK) which have dragged Greece into a social and economic abyss. Greek citizens are abandoning New Democracy so Greek PM Samaras is turning to illegal 3rd world immigrants for support.

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    “Ο Σαμαράς δίνει ψήφο στους λαθρομετανάστες”